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No-one has to die.

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No-one has to die.

Beitragvon Bitterling am Mi 1. Mai 2013, 22:37

Ein kostenloses Online-Spiel mit zahlreichen Bezügen zu hier im Forum diskutierten Themen. Es durchzuspielen dauert ca. 30 Minuten, ist preisgekrönt. Zu viel sei nicht verraten, sonst würde ich euch spoilern. Link: No-one has to die. Hier die Einführung aus dem Spiel, als Appetithappen für die Unentschlossenen:

URGENT: The Fenix Corporation Headquarters security has been compromised. All personnel evacuate immediately. TEMPEST engaged. Security room locked. Emergency services contacted. ETA: 3 hours, 17 minutes.

Visitor has logged on to the Fenix Corporation communications network.

Visitor says: Hello? Is anyone there? What the hell is going on here?

Christina has logged on to the Fenix Corporation communications network.

Christina says: There's a fire! Everybody evacuate the building!

Steve has logged on to the Fenix Corporation communications network.

Steve says: Oh, it's you Chris. This is pretty bad. I can smell the smoke from here.

Christina says: Steve? Why are you still here? I thought you'd gone home.

Steve says: I was working back late. Why do you care?

Troy has logged on to the Fenix Corporation communications network.

Lionel has logged on to the Fenix Corporation communications network.

Lionel says: This is the CEO of Fenix Corporation telling everybody in the facility to evacuate the building. Security staff, report in immediately.

Visitor says: The security staff are dead! I found them lying in the control room. Then I saw a warning on this screen about a fire, so I logged in.

Lionel says: What happened to them?

Troy says: I killed them. And I lit the fire.

Steve says: Who the hell are you? Is this a joke!?

Lionel says: There's no time for this now. Visitor, if you're in the control room, you'll have to co-ordinate us in escaping. You'll need one of the security codes.

Visitor says: Security codes?

Troy says: The code is RFTS.

Steve says: What!? Is this some kind of game to you?

Security code confirmed. Security system online. Begin scanning, floor B3.

Visitor: It worked!

Lionel: Now, you may have a very difficult choice coming up, I'm afraid...

Calculations complete. Fire on floor B3. One casualty unavoidable. Candidates: Troy, Steve.

Christina says: What does that mean?

Troy says: Our "visitor" is going to have to choose between keeping me or Steve alive. I trust this won't be a hard decision.

Steve says: Kill that asshole! I'm not dying for him.

Troy says: My job here is done. I'm ready to die.

Lionel says: The fire is growing. Visitor, you will be led through how the system works.

Christina says: Hurry up!

URGENT. Please enter your security system orders immediately. The chat system has been locked until your decision is made.

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